Update: Life is Better Outside Academia

I’ve got a company, business cards, a number of websites and, as of yesterday, five clients in total (so far). It’s going very well and I truly am so much happier. I’m not making much money yet, but I’ve got a budget to live on while things pick up. After a few months, I think … Continue reading

Going, Going . . .

I have been extremely busy setting up my freelancing business and it’s been really enjoyable. I’m networking with lots of people I never would have met in academia and it feels really good to have a practical service to offer. When you tell people, I research nineteenth-century whale watching, no one says to you, o0000h, that’s … Continue reading

D-Day Has Come and Gone . . . ?

My notice has been delivered to two members of senior management, dispensing with the usual proceedure of notifying my line manager directly. I have informed senior management of the state of affairs in my department–an exit gift to the people I still respect and, have to admit it, it’s a little bit of revenge on … Continue reading

Toxic Departments and D-Day Approaches

I’m currently working in what’s called a ‘toxic’ department in the States and I’ve been there for quite a few years. Toxic is such a fantastic expression—the dreadful dynamics of these departments quickly infects and poisons all the other aspects of your life. To be fair, my department only really became properly toxic about a … Continue reading

Tales of Horror from the Academic Interview Room

I’m not happy again. My interviewers may have made their promised decision-by-the-end-of-the-week about who they would hire, but they certainly did not inform me of the outcome of that decision. I’m pretty pissed off, more pissed off than I should be, and I’m sure it’s down to some sort of lingering subconscious resentment of the … Continue reading

Academic Myths Dispelled: Teaching

Since I’m still waiting to hear back about the results of my interview (they said they’d make a decision by the end of the week), I’m having a terrible time concentrating on anything at the moment. Given the big changes taking place in my life at the moment, my mind gravitates toward the things I … Continue reading